Re: [sdw] WebVMT: Review duplication of WebVTT documentation overlap

The WebVMT [Editor's Draft]( deliberately duplicates a small amount of overlapping content to decouple from [WebVTT]( and ensure that they are recognised as discrete formats.

Similarities are mentioned where appropriate:

  * The [WebVMT comment block]( is identical to WebVTT, which is stated in the Editor's Draft.

  * The [WebVMT style block]( is similar, which is also stated, though it includes the `::cue-map` pseudo-element to allow discrimination between map annotation and text styles.

  * [WebVMT cues]( are similar to [WebVTT cues](, with an optional end time attribute, but are defined directly with respect to HTML5 [text track cues](

   * WebVMT [HTML5 `<track>` binding]( is similar to WebVTT, which is stated in the Editor's Draft, and may be impacted by the [Web Incubator CG activity]( proposed last month.

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Received on Wednesday, 21 November 2018 14:52:55 UTC