Re: Spatial Data on the Web Best Practices - Update and focus areas

Thanks, Jo.

One comment already: You have used the term "conform", but the Best Practices is not a standard one can conform to. I think, it would be better say that one "implents" a best practice, not that one conforms to a best practice.

Best regards,

On 6. Jul 2018, at 16:41, Joseph Abhayaratna <<>> wrote:

Will do Clemens,

I’ll be finishing my implementation report over the weekend, and review yours. If possible, it would be great if you could run your eyes over it as I’d like to make a small addition to each of the scorecard items to add tests from the BPs.

I’ll make you a reviewer of the branch so that you can choose whether to alter yours to suit.


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On 6 Jul 2018, at 8:00 pm, Clemens Portele <<>> wrote:

Michael, Jo,

I have added my implementation report in a branch based on Jo’s branch.

I have added a pull request and asked both of you to review. If you a re happy with the content, feel free to merge it into jayhab-bp-exemplars branch.

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On 3. Jul 2018, at 15:27, Clemens Portele <<>> wrote:

Hi Michael,

I will start working on an implementation report this week, too.

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On 3. Jul 2018, at 14:59, Michael J Gordon <<>> wrote:

Hi team,

Monthly update for the SDWBP’s –

  *   Best Practices in practice document has been created to quick link to examples in the best practice document and link to other implementation examples – feedback / pull requests welcome!

Focus areas –

  *   Creating an reference implementation reports for the best practices -  Jo has started work on this on this branch: and Feel free to either comment on the issue to feedback on Jo’s work or add in a reference implementation of your own.

  *   Create a playbook for the best practices describing implementing them in a series of steps - I’m going to create some high level steps to see if this makes sense

Best Regards,

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