Re: welcome to SDWIG

Hello Linda

Thank you for the welcome and the resource links, I am getting myself up
to speed with your working practices, as I when I get a few spare

I have two particular areas of interest in the work of the SDWIG.

1. The work on statistics representations and vocabularies for
describing data sets.

2. The work on the JSON encoding for Coverages: CovJSON.  I am
particularly keen to explore the possibility of taking the work done on
this encoding a couple of years ago from prototype to standard, under
the governance of the W3.

I look forward with interest to exploring these aspects of the work of
the group.


On Fri, 29 Jun 2018 07:50:11 +0000
Linda van den Brink <> wrote:

> Dear Mark,
> As chairs of the Spatial Data on the Web Interest Group me and Jeremy
> Tandy would like to welcome you!
> We created this resource for newcomers:
> It should tell you pretty much what you need to know and where you
> can find things. If you miss any information, please let us know!
> If you'd like to tell us what your interest in the SDWIG is, by
> responding to this email, that would be much appreciated. We can also
> schedule a call with you if you want.
> Once again welcome!
> Linda van den Brink
> Jeremy Tandy
> SDWIG chairs

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