Re: Organising breakout sessions for TPAC


Thanks, that’s a great idea. I’m also interested in finding out more about how the session format works, given that this will be my first TPAC Plenary, and their website raised more questions than it answered.

I’m available Wednesday, Thursday or Friday afternoons next week (15-17th), if that’s any good. Please let me know.

Rob Smith

Away Team <>
> On 10 Aug 2018, at 14:27, Jeremy Tandy <> wrote:
> Rob, Peter, 
> Both of you have expressed interest in running a breakout session at TPAC - for WebVMT and MapML respectively. Linda and I suggest that we have a call to determine the following for each of your proposed sessions:
> I) key stakeholders (who we want to attend)
> II) objectives / outcomes (what do you want to happen because of the breakout session)
> III) content / approach (what you want to say and how you’ll get your message across)
> Can you let us know when you’re available to discuss?
> Thanks, Jeremy

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