Re: [sdw] Homogeneity of an ObservationCollection

I have read the proposal [1]. As you indicate, I understand that a group of observations could have more than one FOI, but that it should be homogenous on at least one axis (sensor or observable property).

This nature of "homogeneity" in a group of observations is true for some BCI applications, but not for all of them: there are some BCI applications that could have a session with multiple sensors observing different modalities (observable property) for different purposes (FOIs) to measure the dynamics of the human body reaction while performing a single activity (for example, driving a car) in a single context (environment) [2].

I understand that the concept of **ObservationCollection** may be useful in many different types of applications, including many in the BCI domain. I'm just pointing out that it may not apply to a broader concept that groups inherently heterogenous (but related) observations.

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[2] [](

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Received on Friday, 27 April 2018 14:52:04 UTC