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== Coverage JSON Definitions ==
Hello SDW 

I am looking into Coverage JSON:

and trying to unpack the definitions of terms defined by coverage JSON

I have picked up the link from within the document:
which defines the use of prefixes
which in turn references 
    "covjson": "https://covjson.org/def/core#",
    "covjsondt": "https://covjson.org/def/domainTypes#",


this domain covjson.org is resolved by
but this repository does not contain a `def`, `core` or `domainTypes` resource and the repository has not been touched for 2 years.

I would suggest that if CoverageJSON is being managed by W3 then these resources should be managed more effectively.

How would the SDW group feel about providing the definitions for these terms from within the w3 domain?

I am happy to put some effort into this activity and get the definitions published and maintained, if there is interest within the SDW interest group in owning these resources and reviewing the content prior to publishing

please let me know your thoughts on this and any advice on how you might like me to approach this activity

thank you

@BillSwirrl @jonblower 

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