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[Minutes] Spatial Data on the Web IG call - 2017-11-29

From: Francois Daoust <fd@w3.org>
Date: Wed, 29 Nov 2017 22:28:03 +0100
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Hi all,

The minutes of today's plenary call for the Spatial Data on the Web Interest Group are available online at:
... and copied as raw text below.

We went through the different on-going activities in the IG. Peter Rushforth presented MapML, developed in the Maps for HTML Community Group. Follow-up discussion on the topic expected and actually already started on the mailing-list:


Spatial Data on the Web IG Call
29 November 2017

   [2]Agenda [3]IRC log

      [2] https://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-sdwig/2017Nov/0031.html
      [3] https://www.w3.org/2017/11/29-sdw-irc


          Andrea_Perego, Bill_Roberts, Chris_Little,
          Francois_Daoust, Jeremy_Tandy, Linda_vanden_Brink,
          Michael_Gordon, Peter_Rushforth, Rob_Atkinson,
          Joseph_Abhayaratna, Peter_Rushforth

          Jeremy, Linda

          Linda, tidoust


     * [4]Meeting Minutes
         1. [5]Sub-groups and their work plans
         2. [6]Tools and Web-pages for SDW-IG
         3. [7]Update on MapML
         4. [8]Updates from each active work stream
         5. [9]Next meeting

Meeting Minutes

   [Jeremy going through patent policy statement]

Sub-groups and their work plans

   jtandy: After last meeting last month, we discussed with Linda,
   Francois, Scott.
   … We have a Statistics Data on the Web group led by Bill.

   Bill: Right.
   … Liaison with Stats CG goes well. On the call last time.

   jtandy: SSN Primer group led by Armin who is not around, so
   cannot confirm.
   … SSN & Observation doc, not ready yet, so not moving ahead for
   … Spatial data on the Web BP group led by Michael, first call
   an hour ago.
   … The errata for the specs published by the WG, we're not going
   to process them in sub groups but within the whole group.
   … QB4ST, I have an action to check with roba, we can talk about
   that later on.
   … Also EO-QB, so far, we haven't had any contacts with the
   previous editors.
   … Effectively, you can organize your own work, and then we'll
   try to update on progress from everyone to see what support you
   might need from the group.

   Linda: I did have some email contact with Kerry. She did say
   that she was planning to join this IG but haven't done so yet.

   ChrisLittle: One of the issues I want to discuss is a follow-up
   in Time Ontology in OWL. Interested in non-Gregorian calendar
   such as the 365 calendar.
   … It's not quite errata for the Time Ontology.
   … I'm certainly going to discuss it next week in OGC.
   … Would this group have any views?

   roba: That sort of example of using other calendars would be a
   use case for QB4ST.
   … It's certainly of interest and make a useful test case.

   jtandy: In terms of publishing stuff, we can create Notes
   without problem.
   … To push it as a REC, we need to go through a more formalized

   Francois: I confirm we need a WG to publish as a REC. That's

   Francois: The Spatial Data on the Web WG is in passive mode.
   We'd need a new group (possibly with the same name, but a new
   one reviewed by the Advisory Committee)

   jtandy: We can start the incubation in this IG.

Tools and Web-pages for SDW-IG

   <jtandy> [10]https://www.w3.org/2017/sdwig/

     [10] https://www.w3.org/2017/sdwig/

   jtandy: Francois is maintaining the home page manually for now.

   jtandy: What we're proposing with Linda is that we do as much
   work as we can in the GitHub repository, and use Markdown
   … I have done it before in another project. I have an action to
   kick things off.

   <MichaelGordon> +1

   <ChrisLittle> +1 GitHub and markdown

   roba: The ReSpec system has a way of handling bibliography and
   links. Is there a middle ground?
   … using Markdown?

   Francois: ReSpec supports Markdown, I think, so you can benefit
   from these in Markdown too.
   … I need to dig it up, will share links.

   Bill: I used Markdown for the Stats on the web BP. It works

   MichaelGordon: During the SDW BP maintenance call, we had a
   similar discussion. Planning to use Markdown to share Comm
   … I haven't used ReSpec at all. Goal is to make sure that
   people are familiar with tools. Suggests listing some notes.

   jtandy: There's a lot of material available already. For
   ReSpec, one thing that I found useful was working with someone
   who was already familiar with ReSpec.
   … We can write a little Primer to guide our users on tools
   we're using.

   jtandy: What about the "harmonizing WG home pages" activity?

   Francois: No news for now. Will check and report.

Update on MapML

   [11]Maps for HTML CG

     [11] https://www.w3.org/community/maps4html/

   PeterRushforth: I prepared a presentation with audio and video
   and wonder if it is possible to show that over WebEx

   [Playing with WebEx]

   PeterRushforth: We started the Map for HTML CG in 2014 at the
   Linking Spatial Data meetup in London
   … I've been prototyping the concepts we've talked about in that
   meeting since then.
   … I'd like to give you a demo today.

   PeterRushforth: Maps for HTML is a markup language.
   Standardization of maps in HTML is an attainable goal, that's
   what we'd like to demonstrate.
   … Location plays a role in every decision that we make today
   and into the future.
   … And yet, integration of spatial data is not done.
   … There's no go to standards for Web mapping.
   … Where should the beginners start?
   … The Web is for everyone said Tim Berners Lee. If it's not
   easy to make a map, we're not doing good.
   … Making Web mapping the exclusive domain of seasoned and
   … is restrictive.
   … We need to step back.
   … How to have newcomers start their journey through GIS?
   … The Web platform is the ubiquitous platform that we need.
   … The Maps for HTML CG is to extend HTML to include maps so
   that people can use the tools everyone has to play with maps.
   … [showing a demo of a maps services repository in Canada]
   … Searchable and indexable repository. Supports maps in more
   than one projection. That's a concept in MapML to include other
   … The Canadian geospatial platform provides many map services
   in Lambert Conformal Conic form.
   … The Canada base map. Here, you're seeing one rendered with an
   HTML Custom Element.
   … Works like a leaflet.
   … And in fact I used Leaflet for this.
   … See the <map> tag element.
   … Attributes used to extend the base element
   … [using view source to show the rendering of the map element]
   … MapML is modeled from HTML. The idea is that it represents a
   map element that supports stacking of layers.
   … The <extent> element is based on the form element but
   supports inputs that are specific to maps.
   … The <tile> element implements the OGC aspect
   … Cubewerx implements MapML. They implemented the gotopo layer
   for instance.
   … Finally, just to close the loop on data types that are
   available. We have a vector dataset here.
   … It behaves like how you would expect them to behave. Map
   balloons for different features. Features would by stylable
   using CSS and vanilla Web technologies.

   PeterRushforth: I invite people to come to the CG!

   ChrisLittle: OGC mailing-list discussion about stylesheets. Rob
   and Jerome something, comes out of an ad-hoc meeting we had
   somewhere. Trying to ressussissate "SLDSE"
   … CSS deemed too complex for the hierarchy in maps.
   … But the open source community reacted to that because it was
   felt too complex

   jtandy: Can I ask you two to have a discussion about that on
   the mailing-list?

   ChrisLittle: Sure!

   jtandy: Anything you need from the IG, Peter?

   <roba> what about topology-centric maps? where navigation is by
   topological relationships rather than coordinates?

   PeterRushforth: What do you think about the idea of
   standardizing maps in HTML?

   jtandy: Why don't you share the presentation with voice-over on
   the mailing-list and start the discussion there?

Updates from each active work stream

   billroberts: Stats on the Web group. We had a call last week. 7
   people roughly. Intro call. Focusing on examples. Jo
   volunteered to present at the geosemantic meeting of the OGC
   meeting next week.
   … I'm summarizing what we're doing in that group for the OGC.

   jtandy: Are you clear what your aims are for the group?

   billroberts: Yes. Same as the SDW BP doc, but for Stats!

   jtandy: Anything you need from the group, chairs and Francois?

   billroberts: Nothing that I already got.

   jtandy: Michael, what are your aims? Progress? Need from the

   Michael: BP maintenance sub-group. Adoption and evangelization
   of the Best Practices to encourage knowledge of them.
   … And then to look at the gaps that have already been called
   out in the document.
   … I think certainly that's where we want to see feedback
   … Adoption of the best practices, first area.
   … In terms of progress, we just had our first call.
   … The main action point is for me to add details of some of the
   initial ideas to GitHub and provide a bit of structure, to be
   shared with the group in the next couple of weeks.
   … In terms of requirements, if people can evangelize the work
   in the meetings they attend, that's good, always useful!

   jtandy: Moving to Rob.

   roba: QB4ST update. To take it forward needs more work examples
   and implementation experience. If anybody is doing that, I will
   support that in terms of versioning and moving forward.
   … I'm having discussions with DGGS.
   … That's another set of use cases that would provide input.
   … Open work depending on what people are interested in.

   jtandy: You can tune the Note based on implementation

   roba: Yes, or take it to the REC track if there is interest.

   jtandy: Same as for the time ontology, we need a WG to take
   things to REC. Just be aware of that.

   roba: Yes. It comes down to people wanting to implement things.

   jtandy: Exactly. That's what the Advisory Committee at W3C will
   look at.
   … Armin and Jano are not around to talk about SSN and Moving
   Objects. No one for EO-QB

   roba: EO-QB is really a best practices primer, including how to
   use QB4ST. Whether it needs to move forward as an enabler is an
   open question.

   jtandy: If it does awakens, and is BP, it may fall within
   Michael's job.

   <josephabhayaratna> Gotta run all. Until next time :)

   Francois: nothing on the Time ontology as far as errata
   … in the SSN spec a few broken links etc
   … strict policy for updating recs
   … but fixing links is allowed
   … will post on the mailing list
   … encourages people to look at the rec doc now because we will
   not do this update process many times

   <roba> can respec hav a ttl-lint function :-)

   <MichaelGordon> +1

   <tidoust> +1

   <roba> +1

   jtandy: Thank you. Looking at the time, I suggest we talk about
   F2F options on the mailing-list.

   <ChrisLittle> +1

   jtandy: TPAC updates?

   Linda: Not much to say, will raise on the mailing-list.

   jtandy: Same thing for accessibility on the maps.

   Linda: On the mailing-list, it's good.

Next meeting

   jtandy: In a month, it will be pretty much Christmas and for
   many of us a difficult time for us to be available. When would
   people want to meet again?

   <roba> unavailble till the new year, then flexible

   MichaelGordon: I'm only available in the next couple of weeks,
   typically, then travel, Christmas and so on.

   billroberts: Just a suggestion that we have a 5 week gap until
   the next meeting.
   … We could start fresh and enthusiastic on the 3rd of January.

   jtandy: Any objection?

   <PeterRushforth> +1

   <Linda> +1

   ChrisLittle: [discussing timing of alternating plenary and
   group calls]

   jtandy: OK, January seems a good option.

   jtandy: It would be good to have an update about things that
   happened in New Zealand next time.

   <PeterRushforth> Thanks!!

   <ChrisLittle> bye
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