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RE: JWOC - input sought

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Date: Tue, 16 May 2017 06:30:26 +0000
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On item 4. (SSN) there is another likely flow: the work on SSN has uncovered some potential improvements to OGC Abstract Topic 20 (Observations and Measurements), so a revision of AS 20 (and ISO 19156) should be triggered as an outcome of the SDWWG work, and may fall under some kind of oversight of a JWOC. Of course in this case there is also the OGC-ISO/TC 211 JAG to consider as well ... 

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Subject: RE: JWOC - input sought

Strongly in favour of this initiative.
1. Likely Yes
2. Monthly
3. Mostly correct.
        Unsure of the relationship between DXBP and OGC DCAT efforts and if they belong here.
        What about the Mixed Reality Services Working Group?  Is there a possibility that this group could liaison with that effort?

Byron Cochrane

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Subject: JWOC - input sought

Dear all,

As those who were able to take part in the Delft meeting will recall [1], we discussed the possible establishment of 'the JWOC' - the Joint W3C/OGC Organizing Committee. This would be an OGC DWG (or task force of the Geosemantics DWG) and in W3C, an Interest Group. These are good matches since, in both organisations, the groups can do everything except create formal standards (that's a Standards WG in OGC or a Working Group in W3C).

There was strong consensus that any such follow on group should not be allowed to become a talking shop that meets twice and year, has a nice lunch and says see you next time. It needs a time-limited charter and a set of deliverables.

To that end, I have made a *very* rough beginning at [2]. The key thing will be the deliverables. My understanding is that:

1. EO-QB and QB4ST are likely to need further development in the light of experience, so that updated versions are listed directly in the draft charter.

2. As discussed on today's coverages call, Coverage JSON needs more work and *may* be ready for standardisation during the course of the JWOC.
Therefore, its development is listed in the charter. The thinking here is that CoverageJSON would be taken forward as a joint Note and then, if demand were sufficient, we would look at chartering a full WG/SWG. In W3C-land, IGs often develop charters for WGs.

3. As he did in Delft, Bill has suggested the development on a BP doc around statistical data on the Web. That would be an entirely new deliverable.

4. SDW-BP and SSN *may* need updating but it's equally possible that they won't so they are mentioned in the charter but not as a definite deliverable.

5. The draft charter has sufficient wiggle room to allow the development of other (related) vocabularies if so needed.

The JWOC would operate much as the current SDW does, with the same membership rules and open-working practices.

My questions:

1. Would you participate?

2. If yes, what frequency of meeting would you expect? Weekly?
Bi-weekly? Monthly?

3. Do you think the deliverable list is correct? If not, what needs changing?



[1] https://www.w3.org/2017/03/21-sdw-minutes#x16

[2] https://w3c.github.io/sdw/jwoc/


Phil Archer
Data Strategist, W3C


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