Refactoring BP8 (now BP5): Draft of BP6

Dear all,

As agreed for the refactoring BP8 (now BP5), we have another BP, namely, BP6, which is meant to address issues concerning availability of multiple geometries for the same spatial thing (see [1] and the relevant discussion at the f2f in Delft [2]), geometry generalisation [3], as well as formats focussed on efficient transmission and processing of geometry data [4]: 

The relevant PR: 

I would kindly ask you all - and, in particular, Josh & Clemens - to review it and send your comments. If you would like to propose changes, please send a revised version of the relevant text.

NB: I have yet to update BP5 (old BP8), to address overlaps with BP6. I'll take case of this within Sunday.



[ For our records, I link this thread to ACTION-249 ]


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