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RE: SSN - alignment of OBOE to SOSA

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I've created ISSUE-150 related to this.

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Subject: [ExternalEmail] SSN - alignment of OBOE to SOSA

SSN folks -

In the extended meeting last week, within the discussion of the alignment with O&M, the desirability of an alignment of SOSA/SSN with OBOE (the extensible observations ontology developed in the biodiversity community) was also raised - see https://www.w3.org/2017/02/28-sdwssn-minutes#x04 .

I'd previously looked at this with some of the folks from NCEAS and thereabouts, so I've re-factored that analysis into initial alignment of SOSA with OBOE. It is outlined on the a wiki page:
and expressed in https://raw.githubusercontent.com/w3c/sdw/simon-sosa-om-oboe/ssn/rdf/sosa-oboe-mapping.ttl

As mentioned on the call, there is a complication with OBOE in that there are three levels of aggregation for observations:

ObservationCollection - a general collection of observations
 Observation - a collection of measurements concerning the same Entity (feature of interest)
     Measurement - an individual measurement of one characteristic (observed property) using a specified protocol (procedure)

In the alignment I've mapped sosa:Observation to oboe-core:Measurement, since it holds most of the properties, but it means that sosa:hasFeatureOfInterest is mapped to a property-chain in OBOE.

I had also been working on an extension of SOSA to get the expressivity of om-lite. This includes an ObservationCollection class, and also an ObservationContext class. See https://raw.githubusercontent.com/w3c/sdw/simon-ssn-OM/ssn/rdf/oml-extension-of-sosa.ttl
I used these in an extended alignment of OBOE with SOSA - see
https://github.com/w3c/sdw/blob/simon-sosa-om-oboe/ssn/rdf/oboe-oml-sosa-mapping.ttl but have not described this in the documentation in the Wiki page.

Enjoy -


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