Additions to BP glossary


As part of my tasks on the revision of BP8 (ACTION-249), I have been 
reviewing the BP doc as a whole, in particular wrt the notions used in BP8.

I realised that the notion of "dimension" (and its variants - e.g., 
"dimensional", dimensionality") is never explicitly defined, despite it 
is widely used across the BP doc. In most cases, it refers to the 
dimensions of a geometry, but in few cases it is used also for other 
contexts (e.g., the dimensions of statistical data).

I would suggest we add an entry to the glossary - at least about the 
notion of "dimension (geometry)" - we can point to from the relevant 
sections. There we could include also examples of dimensions, with the 
notation we are already using in different places of the BP doc - 0D 
(point), 1D (line), etc.

If this makes sense to you, I wonder whether you have a definition to 
suggest. I quickly checked on the ISO/TC211 terms, and this is the 
relevant entry:



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