OWL-Time ready to go - except for styling issues?

Colleagues -

I've done the work requested in yesterday's vote to advance OWL-Time to the next stage, specifically

1.      I added some material in section 1, to address a comment received during side review, (briefly) positioning OWL-Time relative to ISO 8601 and XML Schema temporal datatypes - ISSUE-158 ;

2.      The list of external implementations has been moved from 'Examples' to a Wiki page https://www.w3.org/2015/spatial/wiki/OWL_Time_Ontology_adoption and linked from an appendix

3.      A summary of the results of the wide review is provided on the Wiki https://www.w3.org/2015/spatial/wiki/Wide_Review#Disposition_of_issues_raised and linked from an appendix

There are still some issues with styling and ReSpec - in particular, there are two lists of References - one from the HTML file, the other a subset of the ones I transferred to the config.js file.

(i)                 I don't know why the ones from config.js aren't all showing up - if that could be fixed, the set in the .html document could be removed

(ii)               Anyway, the formatting of the ones that are showing up from config.js is incomplete - no editor names for example

(iii)             I understand that there is a central database of W3C documents at least. Since a lot of the citations are to those, it would be better to enable the use of the central facility.

Francois - can you help clean up these mechanics please?

Now I'll get back onto SSN figures ...


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