ACTION-321 - closing ISSUE-148 - call for review on the associated pull request #693

Dear all,

ACTION-321 consists in checking that all the sub-issues in ISSUE-148 have
been resolved.

This is the result:

- ISSUE-148-1 has been resolved during call 21/02, see

- ISSUE-148-2 has been resolved to include the concept of Actuator: "The
thing whose property is being estimated or calculated in the course of an
Observation to arrive at a Result or whose property is being manipulated by
an Actuator."

- ISSUE-148-3 has been resolved: hasProperty is now in SSN, and
ObservableProperty is replaced by Property in the definition: "Relation
between a FeatureOfInterest and a Property of that feature."

- ISSUE-148-4 discussed in pull request 693. proposal is: "Relation between
a Property and the FeatureOfInterest it belongs to."

- ISSUE-148-5 has been resolved: sosa:ObservableProperty has been replaced
by ssn:Property in the two axioms

- ISSUE-148-6 has been resolved: definition replaced by: "A quality of a
FeatureOfInterest. An aspect of an entity that is intrinsic to and cannot
exist without the entity."

- ISSUE-148-7 : discussed in pull request 693. proposal is: use

- ISSUE-148-8 : resolved, deleted due to some objections to use domain and

See pull request  to review the
proposed resolutions.


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