Last remaining (old) terms to be discussed

Dear all,

During the wide review we will receive comments about the ontologies: what
they look like in editors, how they are published and accessible, what
their logical content is, etc. Overall, the ontologies are the formal
outcome of our work that will be used by implementations, and they should
be impeccable.

On the other hand, the document in the TR space is the most important to be
finalized, and we may update the ontologies "later". We should really focus
on exemplifying every concept in SOSA and SSN, because that's what will
help users understand how to implement and use them.

One question then is: how hard should we stay focused on enhancing the
ontologies, instead of enhancing the spec ?

Any issue regarding how the ontologies are published or at which URL or
what metadata must be used is secondary and should be considered as a minor
issue -> we may enhance that later.

>From what I can tell at, there
are only a few set of terms that are still in "open" state:

1. input and output of procedure vs. result (and command ?) of their

2. command for actuators ? or do we stick to result

3. observationSamplingTime  - Not compatible with the new Sampling model ?

4. qualityOfObservation

5. terms around Stimulus (can't recall if we discussed of the faith of
detects and isProxyFor)

None of those are big issues, but they are the last remaining bits of the
ontologies for which I'm not sure if we reached an agreement

I have updated the page to
list these terms, and I really hope we can decide on their faith during
today's call.


Received on Wednesday, 12 April 2017 19:10:28 UTC