W3C Draft OWL-Time ontology for final review.

Dear Colleagues,

The latest, and hopefully last, draft W3C Time Ontology in OWL is at http://w3c.github.io/sdw/time/ , after a lot of hard work by Simon Cox.

Please could you consider reviewing it and commenting in the next two weeks, preferably before Easter, though late comments may be addressed. 

Please also pass it on to anyone you think might be interested and willing to comment.

In particular, please consider:

1. Typos.

2. Whether the background and explanatory text is clear, comprehensive and concise enough?

3. The structured technical content of the ontology (ontological experience required!).

4. Are the examples clear and sufficient?

5. Any omissions and lacunae?

Please bear in mind that the purpose of the Ontology is to loosen the original 2006 Ontology which was too tightly coupled to the Gregorian calendar, including the ISO 8601 notation, and the contingent leap seconds. The new ontology should support more rigorous reasoning about similar calendars that, for example, ignore leap seconds or even leap days, as well as other temporal reference systems.

The Ontology could also form a basis for creating other ontologies for reasoning about drastically different calendars, such as the Mayan, or the months on Mars or days on Mercury.

Also, if you have any evidence of the use of the ontology, including its vocabulary terms, this will be very useful for establishing implementation evidence for the W3C processes.

Please reply to public-sdw-comments@w3.org .

Chris Little

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