Re: OWL-Time - deprecate DateTimeInterval ?

Dear Simon,

> I have only tracked down one evidence of use, in the linked-events
> ontology, so have reached out to the original creator of that to see if
> marking DateTimeInterval 'deprecated' would break anything significant.

By the linked-events ontology, do you mean the LODE ontology, ? If so, then it is me and I have not been 
reached out :-)

We indeed do use the time:DateTimeInterval type as the range of the 
lode:circa property for which the definition read:

"[The value of this property is] an interval of time that can be 
precisely described using calendar dates and clock times.
This property relates a span of time that cannot be precisely located in 
a chronological series to another span of time that can be precisely 
located, thus asserting that the latter is an approximation of the former.
An temporal relation expressing nearness in time."


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