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On 04/03/2017 08:49 PM, Armin Haller wrote:
> Thanks Maxime!
> I think the open term list on this page lines up very well with our 
> open issues list wiki at:
> The only terms that are left to be discussed (and are not undergoing 
> review at the moment) in my opinion are:
> -The need of an analog of ssn:Sensing for actuators

Not sure whether I get this. We do not need SSN:Sensing anymore, right? 
It was required in the old-SSN because Observation in SSN was not an 
event but a Situation/Context. The 'act of sensing' as we called it in 
the original SSN is what is now called Observation in SOSA/new-SSN, 
namely the action that results in the estimation, or calculation, of the 
value of a phenomenon; see also Simon's clarification: .


> -Device and SensingDevice class
> I would propose that all other terms that we have not yet discussed 
> yet should be included in SSN new if there is implementation evidence, 
> otherwise we can deprecate them.
> *From: *Maxime Lefran├žois <>
> *Date: *Monday, 3 April 2017 at 5:56 pm
> *To: *SDW WG Public List <>
> *Subject: *ACTION 298 - Wiki page Terms
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> *Resent-Date: *Monday, 3 April 2017 at 5:57 pm
> Dear all,
> According to Action 298, I drafted a wiki page 
> This wiki page lists the terms that existed in the old SSN,
> STATUS = DONE if the definition in SOSA or SSN has been agreed upon, 
> and if the alignment to the old SSN is ready.
> Any suggestion, idea, correction to enhance this table is most welcome.
> Best,
> Maxime

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