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[SSN] FW: INSPIRE O&M & SWE requirements best practice document

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Possibly of interest re the SSN work.
Revised EC guidelines on Observations and Measurements.


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Subject: [Hydro.dwg] INSPIRE O&M & SWE requirements best practice document

Dear all,

Apologies for cross-posting.

Find attached the document we presented with our colleagues from 52N in both those DWGs.

Quick recap :
This document contains the final draft of INSPIRE guidelines for the use of O&M & SWE. It will provide the framework to exchange environmental observations in Europe using SWE.
We are aiming with 52N to push it has an OGC best practice.

It has been written according to OGC modular specs.
Its core parts are :

-          O&M Design patterns : Logical model requirements

-          O&M INSPIRE profile : XML data requirements

-          Web services requirements

-          Expected next steps

This document has just been circulated  to European Member States INSPIRE representatives for review until mid-September.
Thank you in advance for your OGC enlightened feedbacks.




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