RE: UCR isssue: Is provenance in scope?

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I think we need only to make sure (and perhaps show how) our deliverables can deal with provenance by attaching/linking  some W3C Prov-o. I would not suggest we need to show to encode spatial data provenance in PROv-o  though.
Provenance is a first class issue in a great deal of spatial data applications.


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Subject: Re: UCR isssue: Is provenance in scope?

Perhaps we can discuss the general issue of scope today on the call. There are many aspects of spatiotemporal data that in general are similar to issues with other data, but that clearly require specialization for our case. For example, provenance of spatial data must address not only how a feature and a spatial reference such as a geometry were formed, but how they were associated and under what assumptions for representation of the physical world. This is quite specialized to spatial and a significant semantic interoperability issue. We will miss addressing critical points in our work if we subsume them too often into general ones and deem them out of scope.


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Hello all,

I have raised an issue for the UCR document: ISSUE-11<>.
Again, all help in getting this issue resolved is very welcome.


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