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I don’t want to be a pain, but the way our requirements list is currently structured, I am really missing the link with use cases. It’s really hard to see if the req list is complete and also if all the reqs truly come from a use case.

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Thanks, Chaals. Yes, the CSV on the Web document is well structured and we are planning to do something similar for the requirements on the SDW Use Cases document.


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A little thing on best practice that I think we should do here, too...


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Yeah, I did this with the longdesc spec too -

It makes life a lot clearer all round.


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>  During the Credentials Community Group call today, Gregg Kellogg
>  provided a link to the CSV on the Web use cases document, which does
>  something that I think we should shamelessly embrace and extend.
>  Look at how they do requirements (search for "Requires:"):

>  Each use case links to a set of requirements that are published at the
>  end of the document:

>  Gregg said that doing so made it much easier to categorize and track the
>  technical requirements of the solution.
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