Re: Working list of BP requirements identified during the SDW WG f2f


Very nice compilation of requirements. It looks very comprehensive. Thanks
for carrying out the effort of doing them.

This is a question for the whole group, especially since I will have to
miss the call this week. Will this compilation be considered fixed at some
point in time or will there be time for refining or adding more
requirements, even if at first they may have not been covered in the BP
use cases? I am thinking on one, of instance, that I have realized that
may have not been covered in the use cases that we introduced but that has
been a recurring discussion with some of the people that we have been
working on, which is the possibility of explicitly "describing a default
geometry representation according to the zoom level with which some data
is being consumed². Obviously, this may be well be done at the consumer
side, but may also make sense to be made explicit in some cases, for
easier consumption.



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El 16/03/15 07:03, "Andrea Perego" <>

>Dear all,
>I've extracted from the minutes of the BP deliverable group a
>preliminary list of requirements, concerning the discussed use cases
>You can find it on the wiki:
>Please have a look, and modify / extend it as you see fit.
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