Quick review of the UCR doc

Hi all,

I went through the Requirements section of the UCR doc this morning and have some comments. Here they are:

-          5.36: I do not see the spatial aspect of this requirement.

-          5.42: I thought the requirement was not only for metadata for datasets/sources, but also for metadata for individual data objects. E.g UC 4.39 seems to need this (crowdsourced spatial data), also UC 4.30.

-          5.49: typo: s/Referene/Reference

-          5.55: Title is "Use in computational models" but text below doesn't fit this, "It must be possible to represent uncertainty in observations." (probably copied from 5.54)

-          Now that I've looked at the whole list I'm missing a requirement about visualising spatial data on the web. Something like "It should be possible to publish cartographic stylesheets (in e.g. CartoCSS, SLD/SE) alongside web-enabled spatial data." However, none of the use cases we've assembled mention this! I find it curious, does anyone think we need this?

Linda van den Brink
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