[Bug 19936] consider allowing non-matching enums to be converted to a particular value


--- Comment #9 from Jan-Ivar Bruaroey [:jib] <jib@mozilla.com> ---
"None of the above" is not the same as "not present". For example:

    video: {}

means "unconstrained", give me any camera, I don't care which way it faces. But

    video: {
      facingMode: { exact: "blah" },

must NOT succeed, because the caller is requiring a direction known to them but
unknown to the (old) browser. Likewise:

    video: {
      advanced: [
        { facingMode: "blah", aspectRatio: 16/9}, // multi-constraint
        { facingMode: "user"},                    // single constraint

is required to satisfy both "blah" and 16/9 or give up and move to the next
entry. In other words, if it doesn't know "blah" then it should not limit
user-facing cameras to 16/9.

Travis' suggestion doesn't have the this problem, or the problem with
sequences. We can define:

  enum VideoFacingModeEnum {
    "other" = default

and blah turns into facingMode: ["user", "other", "left"] just fine.

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