Re: Promise<void> or Promise<undefined>?, was Re: RfC: pre-LC version of Screen Orientation; deadline August 18

On Thu, Aug 14, 2014 at 11:15 PM, Mark S. Miller <> wrote:
> It would merely be
> part of WebIDL's continued presumption to describe non-JS APIs, with the
> (mostly pointless) cost of making WebIDL a worse language for describing JS
> APIs.

To be clear, at this point this is mostly inertia and lack of
volunteers to evolve the current vocabulary in the right direction. We
have about three months of outstanding work on IDL (my estimate based
on the bug reports) and it would probably took another couple of
months, including coordinating all the changes with browsers, to make
it look more like JS. However, nobody seems to have time to do this
work. If you want, it could be you ;-)


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