[Bug 23369] Provide hooks for Typed Arrays (ArrayBuffer and friends)


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Another reason to place this in WebIDL: Currently, when dealing with
Promise-returning specifications, it's ambiguous about how
ArrayBuffer/ArrayBufferView data is handled.

That is, the naive approach - "Return a Promise and continuing executing these
steps asynchronously" (as recommended by
https://github.com/w3ctag/promises-guide ) doesn't quite work, because it
allows the script environment to manipulate the underlying bytes while the
Promise-d operation continues.

Both WebCrypto and WebAudio have had to define how to do this, and in slightly
different ways. WebAudio pursued an (invalid) approach of 'temporarily neuter',
while WebCrypto pursued a path of 'copy'. Other paths discussed in WebCrypto
were 'permanently neuter' (aka, Transferrable) or 'copy on write' (ruled out by
implementors as complexity/performance overhead for the common case of

It's unclear whether or not WebIDL should have annotations to support this
special-case, or whether all specs should pursue one or the other. I would
expect that, since ArrayBufferViews are seen as valid inputs, a 'copy' approach
is desirable for consistency, but I can see specs needing to annotate

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