Re: Iterating over the properties of an ECMAScript object

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Le 17/04/2014 08:21, Brian Birtles a écrit :
> Hi,
> In Web Animations we support a kind of open-ended dictionary so that 
> authors can write:
>   elem.animate({ opacity: '1', marginTop: '20px' }, 2000);
> The keys 'offset' and 'marginTop' correspond to properties and 
> attributes the UA can animate.
> WebIDL doesn't allow this so we defined our own handling.[1]
> To iterate over the passed in object's properties we decided to use 
> Object.keys()
Don't use Object.keys literally since authors may redefine it at runtime 
(and it wouldn't be what you expect). I'd recommand using an internal 

> so we only visit enumerable properties on the object itself. Does this 
> seem reasonable? Or should we visit non-enumerable properties or 
> properties on prototypes?
I think that for this sort of cases, it makes sense to visit inherited 
properties (so authors can define a default set of properties and 
override via prototype shadowing creating an object with 
ES6 defines an internal [[Enumerate]] operation for all objects
It's what is used by for-in loops (enumerate over own and inherited 
enumerable properties). Maybe that's what you should use.

Tell me if I'm unclear or too quick on some parts,


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