Re: IDL: number types

On 3/20/13 12:39 PM, Marcos Caceres wrote:
> Initially I think it was C++, but increasingly these are reflected in JavasScript. Boris can provide details, but I think Moz's WebIDL parser/code generator will generate JS stubs.

Our WebIDL code generator consumes WebIDL and outputs C++ code that 
works with SpiderMonkey APIs to implement the semantics WebIDL defines 
and to insulate the core Gecko code from having to manually work with 
SpiderMonkey data structures.  Instead it can work with objects that 
make sense to it and have that automatically reflected into JS.

This is also what our old xpidl-based binding system did, and what 
pretty much any IDL-based binding generator does, in effect...

> This is what we are trying to get towards.

I'd like to understand more about this.  What exactly is the goal?


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