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On Fri, Apr 12, 2013 at 10:37 PM, Dirk Pranke <> wrote:

> One takeaway I have from both my own recent efforts to understand the
> state of ES6 and the recent threads on es-discuss and public-script-coord
> is that I think someone should be doing a better job of outreach for TC39.
> Most of the official public documentation for TC39 (the Wiki, the meeting
> notes) is written for the members of the committee much more so than for
> the interested public.
> This is, in a sense, entirely appropriate, and consistent with how all the
> other language standards groups I've been aware of work. But it is hard to
> interpret for outsiders.
> To take Anne's question that started these threads, it's almost completely
> unclear to me as a web-dev how exactly we'd expect ES6 modules will work.
> There is almost no discussion on the wiki of what changes in HTML and
> JavaScript pages, for example. Even the
> page is
> extremely terse, and gives no discussion of what the exeucution order for
> the modules and scripts are ... what blocks, what doesn't? (I don't
> actually want the answers to these questions in this thread).
> Perhaps we need more JS-developer (or web-friendly) documentation? Maybe
> some of the member companies should more actively write about upcoming
> things in ES6 the way they do for new features being added to HTML5?

I'm one of jQuery's representatives on Ecma/TC39 and I'll be
honestócatering to my peers in the community is exhausting. This is not me
dismissing you, but you should just subscribe to JavaScript Weekly ( Dr. Axel Rauschmayer (who is very active on
es-discuss) curates the content and it _always_ has some ES6 related
updates (news, changes, coverage) in "accessible" forms. In fact, his blog
is quite good for consuming the "new parts" in digestible portions.

I've cc'ed es-discuss, because you didn't, and I assume this message was
actually for es-discuss and/or TC39 members to see.


> -- Dirk

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