Re: html for scholarly communication: RASH, Scholarly HTML or Dokieli?

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> You can find more information about RASH at
> essepuntato/papers/rash-peerj2016.html (an article about it that has been
> recently accepted at PeerJ CS).

Nice to see Fidus Writer being included in you list of editors/formats.
Should you write an updated version of the article some time, you could
include that since 2016 we also have included template-based export to DOCX
and ODT.

As for imports from ODT/DOCX, we just added paste-analyzers and cleanup
mechanisms particularly for paste from those two applications (and another
for Google Docs). Given that the import will be imperfect, the author will
have to clena up the result in our editor anyway, and then we saw little
benefit of having a separate importer in addition to the paste-clean up

However, our HTML was never meant to be a standard - we merely included a
basic export until our editor had reached a level where it could
effectively be used to create HTML with enough semantic information where
it would make sense to export to a standard. For the upcoming version we
added keywords and author information in a semantic, which is why we think
it is time to move to a standard.

Speaking of which -- I noticed that a lot of those formats and tools
exporting into many of the same formats (ODT, LaTeX, EPUB - also we do
this). But how about the XML formats that many publishers use: JATS,
DocBook. You mention those as potential export formats, but is anyone
working on actual exporters? Is it even feasible, or do all the HTML
formats have too little metadata to effectively do this? If we could just
export into one HTML format and then other tools could take care to export
into those formats, that would be preferable to us (because: time-saving).
If there are no tools, and there is no interest in creating common tools
for this, then eventually we will likely also be adding an internal JATS
export filter eventually.


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