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New Schema Suggestion: Webringie JSON

From: Joseph D. Smith <joseph.jds.smith@gmail.com>
Date: Thu, 21 Jul 2022 04:14:50 -0500
Message-ID: <CAKOh59uXmFeLMzh-PQwbonUJp=0iTToz=ZoAzDtP9GEzwm2FQA@mail.gmail.com>
To: public-schemaorg@w3.org
Hi! I have a suggestion for a new JSON Schema I call a webringie. A
webringie would essentially be a webring, but instead of displaying a
webring on a webpage, the webringie would link different websites with
a similar niche or genre together in search engines. Of course search
engines would still have the freedom on how to handle abusive
webringies or webringie users.

An example is my Phaywhishie (webringie of Phaywhish) webringie hosted
at: https://phaywhish.neocities.org/webringie.json

One would typically activate the webringie with either (or both) a
link rel="preload" element or a script src="/webringie.json" element
on the webpages the webringie applies to.

I will break down what the different (but would be required) objects
mean and do, aside from the 'license':

"webringie"; = Starts the webringie.

"title": {
    "rel": "Phaywhishie" = The title of this particular webringie,
which is Phaywhishie.}

"url": {
    "href": "https://phaywhish.neocities.org"
  } = The host page of the webringie, which is Phaywhish's homepage.

"trackback": {

    "href": "/index.html"
  } = The page the webringie will help index in the search engines,
which Phaywhishie is set to the webringie member's index.html page.
(Kinda tricky if theirs is named differently.)

"ping": {
    "href": "?ping="

} = Calls the search engine to ping the member site.

And finally,

"search": {
    "query": "?search=Battle+Games"
  } = Tells the search engines the main keyword (though multiple
queries may be used).

This is Phaywhish's homepage: https://phaywhish.neocities.org/

Thank you for allowing me this opportunity to give my suggestion! :-)

- - - - - -
Best regards,

Joseph D. Smith.
Phaywhish SP
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