Birth is an Event, not just one dimensional fields applying to a single Person

When I record the information around birthDate and birthLocation, publishing
the Person schema, it doesn't feel complete. There's a lot of information
that's valuable yet not represented in the schema. I propose that the birth
of Person(s) be represented with a new field, new Property, under Person,
one that has the Expected Type BirthEvent, a specific type of Event. A birth
is a super-significant event in the creation of a Person, not some flat
piece of information lightly recorded. 


Properties would include:


birthedPerson - Person - could be one or multiple in the event of twins


birthOrganization - Organization - the hospital, medical center or simply
the establishment in the event of an unplanned place of birth


birthDoctor - Person - head medical professional presiding over the birth

birthTechnician - Person(s) - can include nurses or other people on staff
who witnessed or participated in the event

birthCertificate - MediaObject (?) - Document (?)

birthProcedute - CreativeWork

biologicalFather - Person - should only be one but could be hypothetically
multiple instances of Person when it's not certain - this is admittedly a
big can of worms but we should start out simple

biologicalMother - Person - hopefully this can be narrowed down to a single
instance of Person

legalParent - Person - a person identified as a legal parent where the local
authority doesn't require identifying as either the mother or the father. 

legalFather - Person - in the case where an identified Person has legal
fatherhood over the birthed Person(s)

legalMother - Person - in the case where an identified Person has legal
motherhood over the birthed Person(s)


Additional Extension to Person : birthname - text


What else? I suppose you could get funky and put cultural specific values in
like Godmother/Godfather, but I'm trying to nail down the cross cultural,
universal type of stuff first. 

I think this is important to account for the different facets of parenthood
and the fact that often Persons are born during the same event (twins etc)


I look forward to your collaboration. 





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