Re: LocalBusiness schema and phone repair shops

Hi Erica:

You do not need to model the type of products and services by the type for your business. Rather, use the more abstract, matching type (e.g. Local Business) and then

- add a meaningful name and description text and
- use schema:Offer to describe the range of products and services; this need not to be individual ones (like "iPhone Repair"), but can also be one offer for each main branch of product or service ("Cellphone Repair").

The approach of modeling the range of offers by a taxonomy of businesses is very limited and fits only very standard businesses. Otherwise we would need an abundance of types ("GroceryShopThatAlsoSellsCellphones" etc.)

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Martin Hepp

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> On 22 Mar 2018, at 18:08, Erica Douglass <> wrote:
> Hi Schema folks,
> I'm working on implementing Schema markup on our website for our chain of cell phone repair stores ( ) 
> In going through all of the LocalBusiness schema, there doesn't seem to be a category that fits our business. We're not really MobilePhoneStore, as our primary business is repairs. We're not ComputerStore either as we don't sell computers--we just repair them. And under Service, nothing similar is listed.
> I understand I can use a Wikipedia entry instead; however, there's no Wikipedia entry specifically for cell phone repair either.
> What would you recommend I use for markup in this instance?
> Thank you,
> -Erica

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