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Dear all,

In May 2017 I announced [1] the ongoing works to develop a vocabulary for
Athletics. We created an abstract model to describe all features of an
athletics competition, trying to align the proposal to The
model was too specific (i.e., many concrete features related to the
management of track and field competitions), so we decided to split it into
three main parts:
1) High-level competition -> events calendar
2) Stakeholders -> athletes, federations, clubs, etc.
3) Concrete details of the competition (e.g., performances during
a competition, disqualification reason, etc.)

I've drafted a document with the vocabulary and its alignment to Schema.
Indeed, we can use over a 95% of the existing types and properties. The
rest of the elements may be of interest to Although our target
is athletics, the proposal has a broader scope, and I've considered the
previous work of the Sports task force [2].

The document [3] is perhaps too verbose, with information for those who are
not familiar with semantic technologies, but you can go directly to the
Overview of the model [4]. There, where you can see the model at a glance
with two SVGs [5][6] with the new classes/properties in bold red (sometimes
I have to refresh my browser to see the images).

The proposal includes new properties and these main additional Types:
* Athlete, SportsGoverningBody
* SportsCompetitionEvent, CompetitiveAudience, SportsDiscipline

Also, I've deployed a version of this schema as a extension [7]
to play with.

On October 9-11, Most of the European Athletics federations will meet in an
annual conference so we would like to present a stable proposal and test
the feasibility of this vocabulary as a common representation of, at least,
competitions and athletes. On Oct 23, during the TPAC in Lyon, our group
will meet to discuss it as well. This work is promoted by European
Athletics, and they are convinced. I think we have a good opportunity here
to engage the world of athletics in the use of

Please let us know what you think of this idea. I'll be glad to discuss it
with whoever is interested. Of course, if there is interest, I'll continue
with the work following the protocols for the submission.

All the best,






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