Proposal – extension for Athletics

Hi Dan, all,

I'm sorry, I didn't introduce myself before. I'm Martin, working for CTIC
—a Spanish technology center—, also Head of the W3C Spanish Office.

We recently launched a Community Group called OpenTrack [1]. Our idea is
developing a conceptual model for Athletics (management of competitions,
competitors, results, etc.), and a subsequent vocabulary or schema about it.

This schema would be useful either for professional (i.e., official track
and field events) and amateur Athletics (i.e., charity running). This would
be really interesting for planning athletics events, publishing results in
a common way, having directories of athletes, teams, etc. European
Athletics is supporting the idea, as well as other Open Data players
(timekeeping, and reporting companies), so we will expect wide outreach.

At first sight, our idea was having a complete ontology, but I think this
vocabulary should be really flexible and easy to adopt. Thus, my proposal
is creating a extension for this domain. There are dozens of
core concepts that will be reused and others that can be enriched.

Currently, we are already drafting the abstract model [2] to cover all the
use cases and requirements. I did the exercise to check the potential
alignment with and it seems feasible. We will continue with the
work (everyone is welcome to join us). Unless you see any problem with it,
we will start also with this potential extension. Thanks in advance.




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Received on Tuesday, 9 May 2017 14:39:20 UTC