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Hi Dan,

As Dan Brickley indicated, the health-lifesci extension is still in the
proposal stage moving towards finalisation.  As a, yet to be released,
proposal it is likely that some of the terms do not yet feature in the
processes of the search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, etc.).

>From a vocabulary point of view, it is currently the position that all
published terms can be validly used in either Microdata, RDFa, or JSON-LD
syntax.  However it is a matter for individual organisations as to which
terms and which formats they recognise over time.  Pragmatically it can be
probably be assumed that the number of occurrences they find in their
crawls will influence how soon they recognise new terms following their
entry into the vocabulary.

Your questions about which organisations recognise which terms in which
syntax, both in their production environments and their developer tools,
are best placed in their individual developer forums.


Richard Wallis
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On 6 April 2016 at 03:28, Dan Guo <> wrote:

> Hello all!
> As a followup to the email <>, I am curious if there is any search support by Google or others for  in JSON-LD format. It seems as if the data supported in JSON-LD are a limited few from this link
> Is that the intended purpose, to allow for this health-lifesci schema to be used mostly in microdata or RDFa format? For example, if I were to use a webpage that had such a JSON-LD blob, following this tutorial and using Control Panel, the custom searches only surface the texts of the HTML file, not the hidden JSON-LD packet.
> Any insights into this issue would be much appreciated!
> Thanks,
> Dan Guo

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