RE: The subject of a course.

I think the proposal needs to be adjusted to take account of the three cases described.  Along the lines of:

"The subject should be specified at the Course level; all instances of a course will have the same subject. The about property should be used where a single word or short phrase is used, the description property should be used for an unstructured sentence or paragraph of subject information. educationalAlignment may be used to supplement these with more precise reference to educational outcomes."

I am presuming that use of subject vocabularies in this context is out of scope?

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Hello again.

So far we haven't said much about the first use case: finding a course that covers a subject that a person is interested in. Discussions before setting up the community community group have been around the use of the 'about' and 'educationalAlignment' properties of CreativeWork. Both of which have their place. I have tried to summarise how they are best used

Any comments?


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