Re: History

Hygiene matter.

i exchanged email with Nathan offline, as is appropriate.  my retort, given
what i now learn about his intent; doesn't fit...

i also note that I learned that there were more people than only Henry
Story involved in creating WebID as a consequence of his email, on the

i look forward to a time where this sort of stuff can be 'graphed out' as a
historical list.  i note there were related works in the area
( ) but that i neither provide the full
details of it; nor, has it been as significantly advance as could have been
the case, since.

overall; HTTPA is not simply a technical protocol, but also a
philosophical one, that also, hasn't got as much support as could have been
more beneficially provided.

i met oshani early 2020,  i didn't want to give her a hug out of respect
for her as an illuminating mind; i regret not doing so, for other
reasons...  i hoped, more progress in months from that time; that i wasn't
aware, would not be provided any opportunity to grow.  bless those, who've
been involved, in such difficult work; and the minds of others, they may
simply, only remember.

Timothy Holborn.

On Sat, 14 Aug 2021 at 05:41, Timothy Holborn <>

> On Sat, 14 Aug 2021 at 05:35, Nathan Rixham <> wrote:
>> just wanted to sanity check, you know webid was formerly FOAF+SSL and
>> created around 2008-2009 by Henry, Toby, Bruno, others outlined in a paper
>> presented in 2009 (
>> ) then
>> others here joined in around that time (2009-2010) where the bulk of the
>> development and advocacy + presentations etc were done.
> Sanity check? Are you having trouble in that area?
> Re: foaf+SSL,
> I also made a note of it in an earlier email either today or recently.
> Good luck with your mental health!
> Nonetheless, I'm totally interested in graphing the whole thing out
> overtime.
> It's fairly tiring pulling stuff from archives or whatever to find the
> history when everythings been developed under different names, etc.
> Out of interest, Pre 2009 - what did openlink use for Auth?

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