Semantic Web Deployment

Hi. Compared to the rest of the members of this lists I think I'm just a
Semantic Web 'hobbyist' in the sense I'm not that academically involved
with all of the standards.

But I was wondering what was the means by current Document Web (2.0) became
so successfully deployed in today's everybody's lifes and what could be the
means by which the same success could be achieved by the Data (Semantic)

Traditional web success could be the result of the ease of deployment of
servers, browsers and a standarized protocol for distributed peers (hosts)
which enabled browsers render served (hyperlinked) documents.

But what would be the means (servers, protocol, browsers) which will enable
Semantic (Data) Web widespread adoption? I see (and focus) on considering
the Data Web more oriented towards what could be the 'backend' side of the
coin, augmenting, perhaps, traditional Document Web (or whatever)
applications. I don't see myself writing 'pages' or UI in RDF, something
current web does very well.

Anyone could comment or offer guidance on this (where in the application
stack should be SW stuff placed) please give me some orientation. Meanwhile
I share my thoughts regarding this in another draft where I put what I'm
trying to understand along the way:


Received on Sunday, 3 December 2017 05:38:53 UTC