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> All,
> Is there any reason why Turtle and JSON-LD cannot be on equal footing in
> regards to the WebID spec?

I dont see an issue with this personally.

But, just a note they are quite different serializations.  Turtle is a self
contained document, JSON LD can have includes that need to be fetched
asynchronously.  So, for example, a library verifying JSON LD would need to
be waiting on, say, a context file before we can get at the triples.
Turtle can be verified synchronously, without a dependency on an HTTP round

I dont think it's too hard to produce JSON LD, because you can do a
relatively straight forward translation from triples.

Consuming it may be slightly more work.

> There's no reason why WebID-Profile documents MUST be comprised of RDF
> content in Turtle Notation.
> Its crystal clear that we have two critical developer communities that
> coalesce around Turtle and JSON-LD  i.e., Semantic Web and Web Developers,
> respectively. Thus, its in the best interest of adoption for the WebID spec
> to treat Turtle and JSON-LD as different RDF notations for creating RDF
> document content e.g., WebID-Profile documents.
> WebID-TLS implementers should be encouraged to support WebID-Profile
> documents comprised of Turtle or JSON-LD content. This is really important,
> at this point in time.
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