Use Cases and Requirements document for WebID

To make some progress, I think we need a use cases and requirements document.

At TPAC the main interest was to be able to work with the newly emerging
Linked Data Platform group [1]. I don't think that LDP says anything about
303s so I don't think this is in fact necessarily relevant to the 303 vs hash

But it does give us a good reason to have HTTP URIs because we can then use
that platform to do things like the following:

Create an account
  ( requires LDP + WebAccessControl )

  1. Find an a LD Collection that is publicly available and allows creation of containers
  2. create a container that gives default access to the creator ( perhaps using hash id )
  3. creator can POST a WebID Profile to container with public key 

Restful Mail

  1. Use the WebID profile to find a Collection for sending mail like content 
  2. POST a mail like entity there after authenticating with WebID
     ( now that gives us secure mail )

   similar to Restful Mail, but simpler

Friend of a friend Access

 Allow friends of friends access to some resources 

So we have a page for this here which we started a few years back

I think it is time to work on that one again.



Social Web Architect

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