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2012/11/28 Adrian Gschwend <>:
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> On 28.11.12 10:34, Nathan wrote:
> Hi guys,
>> Regardless though, as far as I'm aware rdflib.js hasn't updated to
>> work on node properly yet, and node.js specific rdf/xml support
>> hasn't been added. This is most likely a problem with all RDF
>> tooling for node.js, although as I say libs may have been updated
>> and it may now be supported by somebody.
>> Tim, Adrian, Antonio, or Niklas (all cc'd) may be able to confirm
>> this.
> I never used rdflib.js so not sure what it provides right now. My
> choice was/is rdfstore-js from Antonio, which works perfect in Node
> and is aimed at Node as well for a big part (it does work very well in
> the browser too). It also implements a simple triple store in
> JavaScript with SPARQL support which is really great (for simple stuff
> at least).
> Antonio implemented the RDF Interfaces spec from Nathan which is IMHO
> pretty good for low-level stuff. There is no parsing in the RDF
> Interfaces API so Antonio implemented that in his RDF Store:
> RDF Store/RDF Interfaces from Antonio:
> Docs for the RDF Store:

Thanks for you answser

I was able to work with it quickly and efficiently.

My WebID auth implementation in coffeescript/node will be working in a
week or so I think.

> RDF Interfaces API:
> You can use RDF Interfaces by Antonio standalone as well, not sure how
> this works with parsing though (probably you have to care about it
> yourself).
> Officially there is no RDF/XML Parsing in RDF Store yet but someone
> forked it and added it, Antonio told me he might add it at least as
> option to the next release. What I do as well on node is use a wrapper
> to "rapper" from Dave Becket, as it parses pretty much everything you
> need :)
>> FWIW, a few of us are going to be looking at updating some of the
>> rdf libraries for js in the very near future, so we can keep you
>> posted.
> ack, we have to do that. I highly recommend to use code from Antonio
> as a base as it is the most used right now in various JS projects and
> it works perfectly well on Node. And as I told Nathan I'm very
> interested in working in this group, we *should* try to provide some
> recommendations for an API on more than one language and I think RDF
> Interfaces is not a bad start for that. It does lack easier access to
> triples but there are some good ideas in RDF API for that.
>> In the meantime, certainly Turtle is well supported in node.js RDF
>>  tooling, so you can get going and add rdf/xml support as and when
>> it's available.
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