Re: Linked Data Book in Early Access Release

Some interesting stats from the book:

The LOD cloud has doubled in size every 10 months since 2007 and currently
consists of
more than 300 datasets from various domains

All of this data is available for use by developers!

Some quick facts regarding the LOD cloud are:

As of late 2011, the LOD cloud contained over 295 datasets from various
such as geography, media, government, life science, and more. In total the
LOD cloud
contained over 31 billion data items and some 500 million links between

The LOD cloud has grown so large that no attempt was made to visualize it
in 2012.
Over 40% of the Linked Data in the LOD cloud is contributed by governments
from the UK and US), followed by geographical data (22%) and data from the
Science domain (almost 10%).

Life sciences (including some large pharmaceutical companies) contribute
over 50% of
the links between data sets. Publication data (from books, journals, etc.)
come in
second with 19% and the media domain (the BBC, the New York Times, and
provides another 12%.

The original data owners themselves publish one third of the data contained
in the
LOD cloud, while third parties publish 67%. For example, many universities
data from their respective governments in Linked Data formats, often
cleaning and
enhancing data descriptions in the process.

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> Hi all,
> Some of us (David Wood, Marsha Zaidman, Luke Ruth and Michael Hausenblas)
> have been working on a new book entitled simply "Linked Data".  The book
> will teach Web developers how to create, manage and publish Linked Data. We
> are pleased to announce that the first third of the book is now available
> via the Manning Early Access Program from Manning Publications.
> The book is currently available in an “early access edition”.  That means
> that you can start reading it now (and hopefully give us valuable feedback)
> while we write it.  About one third of the book is currently available in
> PDF, with the first chapter being free.  Additional chapters will become
> available as we complete them.  Early subscribers can chat with us to help
> us make a better book and also get the content early.  The print version
> should be available by the summer of 2013.
> If you are just interested in the first (free) chapter and don't want to
> use the Manning forum, please feel free to send me your comments directly.
> The book is Manning's Deal of the Day today: Enter dotd1204 in the
> Promotional Code box if you check out to receive a discount.
> Full disclosure: I am one of the authors and may receive royalties from
> future book sales.
> Regards,
> Dave
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