Re: Checklist proposal for XAUR document

Hi Josh,

> As a parting thought - we also need to work out how XAUR etc relates to
other specifications like WCAG, Silver...

Indeed, and there, as Scott noted, the "checklist" might be a useful
approach, as Silver starts to include and score outcomes-based testing,
cognitive walk-through's, etc.

I do have some minor concerns around "checklists" however, in that we need
to be careful that they do not become "mindless" checklists, which as
old-hands will recall was one of the fundamental problems with WCAG 1. It
becomes too easy to simply tick a box, and stop thinking through the

(I have a great photo I use in our training of a series of elevator
buttons. Due to ADA requirements, all of the signage in the elevator,
including the labels for those buttons, have also been provided in Braille.
The photo of the buttons and labels shows the Braille reading "Door locked
when lit"...)
[image: image.png]


On Fri, Aug 30, 2019 at 2:02 AM Joshue O Connor <> wrote:

> Hi John,
> Thanks for that. Yes, I agree - and this thinking is a part of my
> overall approach. Indeed the MAUR is a helpful template.
> I also note that MAUR is for a relatively simpler part of the stack, as
> it relates to rather specific aspects of the HTML spec (<audio>, <video>
> elements).
> The scope for XR and indeed the other domains you mention is much broader.
> Having said that the template, for now is the MAUR.
> As a parting thought - we also need to work out how XAUR etc relates to
> other specifications like WCAG, Silver - as well as the very useful FAST.
> Thanks
> Josh
> On 29/08/2019 19:18, John Foliot wrote:
> > Hi Josh (and everyone)
> >
> > I appreciate Jason's suggestion regarding a checklist, however personally
> > I'd rather see this new document more closely follow the "template"
> > initially established by the MAUR, which you've already started on Josh,
> > while at the same time noting that we've published the MAUR as a *W3C
> Note*,
> > which I would anticipate we would also do with the XUAR.
> >
> > I envision that going forward, we'll likely see more documentation like
> > this (the MAUR, the XUAR, perhaps one for IoT/Home Automation, etc.) and
> > having all of the documents using a pre-established pattern/structure
> would
> > have a knock-on benefit in that we'll have a 'collection' of similar
> > documents(*).  I know we've touched on this idea in the past at APA (and
> > formally at PF).
> >
> > Providing a second or supplementary "checklist" as Jason suggests could
> > (should?) be an activity that EO WG could then take up, based upon the
> > original XUAR document.
> >
> > My $0.02 Cdn.
> >
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