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I really like the checklist idea. I agree with Jason's' original point that guidance is needed, but not at the expense of the simplicity the current document provides. As discussed on the call, the current document works well in terms of introducing people to the XR space and I wouldn't want to see this lost.

As such, the checklist idea is a really good one: it retains the XAUR informative process of guiding people through access considerations, then in the checklist provides XR specific guidance to developers/designers that need it Best of all, it does this without taking away the normative value of standards that will cover this space in the future. In fact it may even provide such standards an opportunity to draw on the checklist for guidance. 

+1 from me - best of both worlds IMHO. . 


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> Another drafting possibility: we could express the major points as questions for developers to consider in creating their new XR technologies/libraries/frameworks/XR applications.

Good suggestion - lets discuss that on Weds call. I will have some more concrete example to populate the various sections by then, and we can work out if that format works, or if the questions format is better.



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