Re: Checklist proposal for XAUR document

Hi Josh (and everyone)

I appreciate Jason's suggestion regarding a checklist, however personally
I'd rather see this new document more closely follow the "template"
initially established by the MAUR, which you've already started on Josh,
while at the same time noting that we've published the MAUR as a *W3C Note*,
which I would anticipate we would also do with the XUAR.

I envision that going forward, we'll likely see more documentation like
this (the MAUR, the XUAR, perhaps one for IoT/Home Automation, etc.) and
having all of the documents using a pre-established pattern/structure would
have a knock-on benefit in that we'll have a 'collection' of similar
documents(*).  I know we've touched on this idea in the past at APA (and
formally at PF).

Providing a second or supplementary "checklist" as Jason suggests could
(should?) be an activity that EO WG could then take up, based upon the
original XUAR document.

My $0.02 Cdn.


(* As an aside... I have been fortunate to see an early draft of a proposal
coming from the BBC related to the choice of font faces vis-a-vis 'readable
for dyslexics' etc. It is a research-based proposal for a new WCAG Success
Criteria, but I suspect that with the Beeb's blessing, we may be able to
move some of the research observations and conclusions into a similar _UAR
like document around "Choosing readable font faces [sic]". FWIW...)

On Thu, Aug 29, 2019 at 10:22 AM Joshue O Connor <> wrote:

> On 29/08/2019 15:15, White, Jason J wrote:
> > Another drafting possibility: we could express the major points as
> questions for developers to consider in creating their new XR
> technologies/libraries/frameworks/XR applications.
> Good suggestion - lets discuss that on Weds call. I will have some more
> concrete example to populate the various sections by then, and we can
> work out if that format works, or if the questions format is better.
> Thanks!
> Josh
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