RE: Request for review: draft Web Technology Accessibility Guidelines checklist

To Jason

Just one note in preparation for our meeting.  For checkpoint

'Technology does not allow blinking or flashing of content, or provides a feature for users to quickly turn it off or permanently disable it.'

I was wondering if its worth specifying 'without any loss of meaning' at the end, just in case the blinking or flashing was originally included to deliver some sort of specific meaning.   Alternatively I"d be happy to just say blinking and flashing is not allowed, but if the door is opened for its use then it may be worth just specifying that turning it off doesn't affect the content.


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From: White, Jason J []
Sent: Monday, 20 March 2017 10:49 PM
To: RQTF <>
Subject: Request for review: draft Web Technology Accessibility Guidelines checklist

The APA Working Group has prepared a draft checklist for use by the developers of new Web technologies to assist in identifying accessibility issues arising in their work.
We are invited to review this document. Comments are requested by next week.
Please review the draft at
I have also included a meeting agendum this week to discuss any comments that emerge during the next few days.


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