DTB frozen and last changes

The latest changes in DTB are mainly in terms of rdf:text:

1) Casting from rdf:text to xs:string is now included, a respective 
editor's note in Section 3.2.9 on Casting to xs:string has been added.

The following old note is no longer needed, given the latest changes in 

"Note: Since RIF implementations MAY choose to interpret 
<tt>xs:string</tt> and its subtypes as subtypes of <tt>rdf:text</tt> 
following Section 3.1 of <nowiki>[</nowiki>[[#ref-rdf-text|RDF-TEXT]]], 
in such implementations this cast function also serves for conversions 
to <tt>rdf:text</tt>."

2) I needed to temporarily change the reference to rRDF-TEXT to the 
wiki-doc, as the TR version is totally outdated.

3) I removed the Editor's notes on the example on xs:string vs rdf:text.
after isLiteralNotOfType (Section

Note: I am inquiring this again in the rdf:text-mailinglist, but my 
understanding is that he value space of rdf:text now is a superset of 
the value space of xs:string, such that automatically each value in 
xs:string is also in rdf:text.

Other, non-rdf-text related changes:

4) literal-not-equal was changed to literalNotIdentical

5) Ed note

"Shouldn't we have a uniform naming convention here 
<tt>pred:literal-equal</tt> vs. <tt>pred:isLiteralOfType</tt>, i.e. 
dashes vs. CamelCase is not used uniformly."

has been removed, since obsoleted.

6) The editor's note for isLiteralOfType now explicitly refers to

{{EdNote|text=Note that it is assumed the second argument of 
isLiteralOfType to be a rif:iri at the moment, cf. 
[http://www.w3.org/2005/rules/wg/track/issues/93 ISSUE-93].}}

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