Consts/CURIEs in PS (was Re: DTB status (on today's agenda) )

Okay, I think I see a consensus here (more or less proposed by Jos and
Michael at different times):

(1) "foo"^^<bar>

This is the normal, full syntax for constants.  For example:


(2)  foo:bar    

is shorthand for


except on the right-hand-side of a ^^.

(3) "foo"^^bar:baz

is shorthand for


This means that the CURIE syntax (a:b) is context sensitive; it's read
differently on the right-hand-side of ^^.

(4) <foo>

This is not allowed.  The pointy-brackets are only allowed as part of
the ^^ construct. Maybe someday we can figure out a way to allow it, but
right now it has problems.

(5) "foo"^^bar

is allowed for aliasing (I don't quite follow this), but doesn't
interact with the above.


If I'm understanding everyone correctly, we can all live with that.

     -- Sandro

Received on Friday, 2 May 2008 17:13:54 UTC