namespace prefix definitions in presentation syntax

Dear all,

I just tried to write down some RIF presentation syntax... (I know I 
shouldn't do this) ... and realized that we don't have any way to define 
namespace prefixes there although we use curies allover...

So I thought we shall reuse one of the established syntaxes here instead 
of reinventing the wheel.

3 alternatives come to my mind:


@prefix prefix: <IRI>.


PREFIX prefix: <IRI>


declare namespace prefix="IRI"

for the moment, I suggest to us the latter, because
we never use angle bracketted IRI's  in the document.

BTW: We might want to switch to angle brackets in the end, because
with curies alone, we cannot express all URIs (that is acxtually a 
severe problem in RDF/XML, btw, where properties can only be CURIEs)

  e.g. assume I have a datatype ""

I cannot write:


because we have only CURIEs in the datatype position (didn't see other 
examples so far) and the pain thing is that 
cannot really be synbtactically be split into a QName.

obviously, we don't want to end up in


which BTW could then be written as:


which actually could be written as:




Dr. Axel Polleres
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rdfs:Resource owl:differentFrom xsd:anyURI .

Received on Friday, 29 February 2008 18:54:11 UTC