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Suggestions for Errata RDFa Core 1.1

From: Stefan Schumacher <stefan@duckflight.de>
Date: Sat, 06 Apr 2013 20:06:11 +0530
To: RDFa WG <public-rdfa-wg@w3.org>
Message-ID: <516032DB.7561.1041B09@stefan.duckflight.de>
Hello RDFa Working Group,

while translating the RDFa Core 1.1 spec, I found some things, that 
might need a look at. Mostly just small things.

I attached an HTML file with all the suggestions I have. Ivan 
mentioned that there might be a PER coming for some RDFa specs, so 
this might help a bit.

I am not sure, if the attachment is delivered properly, if not, 
please advise me, how to send the HTML file again.

There are two questions inside, that would help my translation, so if 
I don't hear anything, I might bother you in a few days.

So long

Stefan Schumacher
Lonavala, Maharashtra, India
+91 9923670737

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